This page lists my academic and non-academic teaching activities (teaching professionals as well as contributions to seminars for NGOs).

University of Siegen (WT15–ST17)


  • Selected Areas in Security and Privacy (Paper Reading Class, MSc, ST16, ST17)
  • Hacking Practice (MSc, ST16, ST17)
  • Security in Communication and Distributed Systems (MSc, WT15, WT16)
  • Introduction to Business Information Systems 1 (BSc, WT15, WT16)

Seminars and Projects

  • Seminar on Privacy Enhancing Technologies (BSc/MSc, ST16, WT16)
  • Seminar on Computer and Network Forensics (BSc/MSc, ST16, WT16)
  • Seminar on Authentication Techniques (BSc/MSc, WT15)
  • Project on Multilaterally secure and privacy-preserving applications (BSc, WT15–WT16)

University of Hamburg (ST11–ST14, ST17)


  • Foundations of System Software (BSc, 250 participants, ST15)
  • One lecture on Distributed Systems and Information Security (MSc, WT14)
  • One lecture on Security of Complex Information Systems (MSc, WT12)

Seminars and Projects

  • Seminar on Security of Complex Information Systems (MSc, WT11–WT14)
  • Seminar on Information Security Management (MSc, ST15)
  • Seminar on Information Security (BSc, WT11)
  • Proseminar on Information Security (BSc, ST11)
  • Project on Information Security “Hacking Lab” (BSc, ST13–ST15)
  • Project Practical Information Security (MSc, WT12, WT13)
  • Project Information Security and Privacy (MSc Project/Seminar, ST17)
  • Project Information Security (MSc, ST11–WT11, ST15)


  • Tutorials for Distributed Systems and Information Security (MSc, WT12–WT14)
  • Tutorials for Foundations of System Software (BSc, ST11–ST15)

University of Regensburg (ST08–WT10)


  • Practical Information Security (MSc, ST08, WT09, WT10)
  • On lecture on Multilateral Security in Distributed Systems (ST09, ST10)

Tutorials, Seminars, and Projects

  • Tutorials for Security of Mobile Systems (MSc, WT10)
  • Tutorials for Information Security Management (MSc, WT09)
  • Tutorials for Multilateral Security in Distributed Systems (MSc, ST09)
  • Project Seminar (BSc, ST08–ST10, WT08–WT10, with colleagues)

Teaching Professionals

Ulmer Akademie für Datenschutz und IT-Sicherheit gGmbH (udis)

  • Lecturer for the information security officer course (4 units: penetration tests, security scanner, IDS, practical attacks on TLS; 2008–2017)
  • Lecturer for Security Management Seminar on ISO 2700x and IT-Grundschutz (2013, 2014)

Zentrum für Weiterbildung at University of Hamburg (ZFW)

Lecturer for professional training on practical information security: scanning, sniffing, spoofing, IDS, SSL (2017).

Republikanischer Anwältinnen- und Anwälteverein e.V. (RAV)

Seminar on clandestine investigation methods of law enforcement agencies and strategies for defense in court (2014 in Berlin, 2015 in Hamburg, 2017 in Frankfurt/Main)

Invited Contributions to Seminars

  • German National Science Foundation: Seminar on Freedom vs. Security („Das Internet als neuer Raum für einen fortwährenden Konflikt“), Lünen-Cappenberg, June 10–12, 2016.
  • International Summer Academy 2015, Studentenforum im Tönissteiner Kreis, Berlin, August 25, 2015.
  • IPICS Summer School, Regensburg, Wien, Samos, with colleagues, 2008–2010.